About Us


It is our mission to be a premiere logistics and physical oil company, fully integrated and specializing in trading/arbitrage. Blue Sky Coordinates (“BSC”) utilizes our wide reaching network of contacts to maximize our ability to quickly and efficiently execute on purchase and sale contracts in each of the major fuel markets and trading centers.

Our Business

Blue Sky Coordinates, LLC is an international oil company focused on logistics and the trade, purchase and sale of jet fuel and other petroleum products. BSC has offices in Los Angeles, Houston, New York, London and Vietnam.


BSC provides its clients with comprehensive A to Z fuel supply chain solutions that lower the cost of procurement, transportation, storage and management of fuels.  Our operations include fuel processing, supply, handling, storage and distribution. 

Consulting & Aircraft Sales

The management team has decades of experience on large scale international debt and equity transactions in the energy space as legal counsel, investor and borrower. 

While our focus is on spot trading and long-term contracts for physical commodities, we use our background to offer consulting services and sales and financing of commercial aircraft and helicopters.